Need Employees?

Use online advertising to find your new hire!

Lets face it, an empty position means less work is getting done, leading to less profits. Whatever the circumstances, firing or quitting, the situation will arise when, as an employer, you need to fill an empty seat. So you put an ad in the newspaper, right? Well if you can afford to wait a while then sure, but odds are you are going to wish you had applicants lined up yesterday.

The reality is the amount of people who read the newspaper has declined steadily in recent years. People aren't seeing your help wanted ad there. Therefore, you have to take your message to someplace they are reading, social media channels! Put your message in front of exponentially more people with social media advertising. You can target a very relevant audience that either has or is looking for the position you are looking to fill.

The coming generation will not be very loyal to any company at all. They are shoppers and will jump ship at the slightest raise increase. In order to keep all positions filled in the future you will need to be collecting applications ahead of time. Running social media ads and funneling qualified candidates to fill out an application and possibly even send in a resume will help your business keep ahead of the curve. With a stack of applications you won't find yourself scrambling when an empty position arises.

Here at Clark Web Consulting we specialize in social media advertising. We keep your employee acquisition costs low and keep you supplied with applicants. Book a call today and stop waiting around for applicants to call you when you have a position to fill!