About Us

Brandon Clark

Founder & CEO

"A man on a mission"

And what could that mission be? To make the lives of small business owners a little easier! Brandon has worked on a hay farm throughout his childhood and worked for a local excavating and paving company during his summers in high school. He knows how much blood, sweat, tears and most of all time, that business owners dedicate to running their company. He also knows about hard work and self motivation. So how do these combine? Well, while Brandon is in college he realizes that he cannot work a full time job, as he has classes competing for his time, so he found a way to help businesses from a remote location on his own schedule. He founded Clark Web Consulting in October of 2020 to perform online advertising services to business owners, so that they can focus on the daily operations of their business and not stress about where their next job is coming from. Brandon realized that digital marketing is a very affective method of accomplishing brand recognition, brand growth, lead generation, and overall growth of the company.